jordan and Zane

This is Me and Jordan bottle rocket .We tested whose rocket vna go the highest and we failed terribly because are nose cone was all fat with alot of tape on on it.We learned tht the center of mass of the nose cone makes it go higher.After that we had a second test and are nose cone was beter, and it went way higher than last time. We put alot of wings on it to make it float longer in the air and we thought it would look beter.

Balsa Towers

Are Balsa TowerMe and Marks Balsa Tower  was the strongest in the class holding 47 pounds. It held 628 times it self . Even though are tower was the strongest it  wasn’t the first one to be and efficent we lost by one by this team whp’s tower held 40 pounds but it held 629 times it’s own wieght. I was shcoked I thought we won but I still think are tower was the best because it held the most. It took us onlt 3 days to build this tower but it was worth it and it was fun.


My favortie team right now are the Los Angles Lakers.I think there real good they won 11 champions ships.The best player on the L.a Lakers is Kobe Bryant  he’s real good and he has 4 N.B.A championship rings.But he not my favorite player my favorite player is Lebron James from Clevland Cavaliers he very good he dosn’t shoot 3 pointers but if he has to he can.Lebron James nick name in the N.B.A is (King James)nba_g_kobe_lebron1_576

What I will do differently next time

If I ever had this progect again I would pay more attention to the teacher instead of not caring because i needed alot of help from my partner ,and sometimes he didn’t even get it. so it took like forever to program a robot but we figurred it out because we watched more vidoes for the robots .So it turned out ok .All I know is I will pay attention more or I will be in alot of trouble later on trying to figure it out

My sturuggle on lego robots

What challenged me with lego robots was putting on the extra pars like sound sensor, light sensor, etc.It really frustarated me and confused me because evertime I put a lego part on it didn’t work or it was not working ,and another thing that challenged me is programing the robot because programming was the hardest and sometimes it didn’t work so I had to find out what was wrong in the program so it was the hardest sometimes I even had to restart  the whole program

Lego robots

lego robotMy experience with  the Lego robots was the first day I strulgled a liltle ,and I also thought  it was boring and stupid .But later on I had fun and I learned that the faster lego robot is the less power it has and the slower robot is  the more power it has I thought that made no sence but I had learned something that day ,and  I also learned about motion sensors  I thougth that was cool .what  else I thought was cool was th sound sensor because I basically controlled it, and that as fun .So thats my experience  on the lego robots

My Blog

Hi my name is Zane , and i will be bloggin about all the the cool, and stuff I will be doin in tech .What i find intresting in tech theres so many lies on the enternet why do peolpe  waste there time and lie about stupid things